Meet the Dogs of Agility Mindset. Read about each of the dogs that have made it happen, for me.

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  • 20 Agility Championships in AKC, USDAA, NADAC and UKI
  • Westminster Master’s Agility Championship 2016, Finalist, 1st Place
  • Westminster Master’s Agility Championship 2015, Finalist, 4th Place
  • AKC International Team Tryouts 2015, Round 1, 2nd Place

Team Spots:

  • AKC International Team Tryouts 2016, 1st Place, Team USA Win-On Team Spot
  • UKI US OPEN 2015, National Biathlon Champion, 1st place, Win-On Team Spot
  • AKC European Open Team 2015, Alternate, Medium Team

National Events:

  • AKC National Agility Championships 2016, Finalist, 6th Place
  • AKC National Agility Championships 2015, Finalist, 8th Place
  • USDAA Cynosports 2015, Grand Prix Finalist, 3rd Place
  • USDAA Cynosports 2015, Steeplechase Finalist
  • USDAA Cynosports 2015, Team Relay Finalist (202 Teams)

Regional Events:

  • USDAA New England Regionals 2015, Team Competition, 1st Place (52 Teams)
  • USDAA New England Regionals 2015, Team Standard, 1st Place
  • USDAA New England Regionals 2015, Grand Prix Finalist, 3rd Place
  • USDAA New England Regionals 2015, Steeplechase Finalist, 4th Place
  • USDAA New England Regionals 2015, Place Biathlon, 3rd Place


I have been blessed to work with some of the finest trainers, to attend amazing seminars and camps, to participate in incredible competitions, and to have grown a network of friends and colleagues that will be forever a part of this experience.

For all the incredible skills I’ve been taught, I have understood though, that the one aspect of the sport that is on me, is my mental strength, and of my connection, my true connection, to my canine partner.

My Zen of Archery and Agility

Archery target and bow

The discipline of archery is simple: Focus. Breathe. Trust. Repeat. To master this ancient art requires patience and centering, consistency, and a powerful mindset of mastery.

Before becoming a student of agility, I was a competitive archer. Archery provided me with skills and a viewpoint of the need for a “wholistic” approach to training that transitioned well to dog agility. That foundation led me to understand that handling the mind is equally as important as handling the lines of a course.

That is what I want for you. And, it can be yours, with an Agility Mindset.

Nothing is worth more than this day.
A meeting of the hearts leads to a meeting of the mind, and unimagined success. “Nothing is worth more than this day.” ~Goethe

Focus. Breathe. Trust. Repeat.