Peak performance and an Agility Mindset

At Agility Mindset, you’ll find support for your understanding of the power that resides within YOU, and encouragement to give it permission to succeed. Agility Mindset helps unlock the blocks with actionable, reliable methods. Practicing success, therefore, becomes a habit, as much as practicing a front cross.

The foundation of peak performance begins with the bond between you and your canine teammate, so, that’s where we start. I’ll show you ways to create a thinking, responsive dog that is connected to you through games, life skills and fun. And, with an improved bond, you’ll be better prepared to build drive, connection and commitment, whether your dog is a puppy or adult.

Put your paws in the air and celebrate with an Agility Mindset


Put your paws in the air and celebrate having an Agility Mindset! Jandale’s Make It Happen (“Happy”) Photo:  Morganna Sings

Mental games (the negative kind) take aim at sabotaging your success. As your mindset mentor, I’ll listen to you, and provide constructive critique and honest assessment. No sugar coating. We’ll work to correct your alignment and body geometry, and support effective movement patterns to support your dog’s understanding.

Preparation, visualization, options for handling, connection and teamwork are ways to support your goals, and are methods that I’ve used for my own success, and will help you discover for yours.

Studying various handling methodologies helps me to be the “specialist” you see when you have a specific issue to improve.  I’m happy to be your full-time coach, though, if that is what your plan needs.

2015 AKC Agility National Championship, Reno, NV. Cruzer and I finished in 8th place in the Finals, from a height group that had nearly 300 dogs in it. Three clean runs at this event was our goal, we checked them off run by run throughout the weekend, and were rewarded with a spot in the Finals.  

Look for a trainer, system or organization that:

  • Is open to handling or training options.
  • Recommends methods that fosters your growth.
  • Supports your needs and concerns.
  • Focuses on YOU, gives you adequate time in training, and is supportive in competition settings.
  • Encourages you to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Provides education opportunities outside their regular schedule.
  • Puts a premium on your success – by helping you understand the rules of organizations, how to compete, and encourages you in ways to be healthy, grounded and ready.
  • Is there for you …. in class, in competition, in understanding.