Meet the Dogs of Agility Mindset, or, watch here for a few of our favorite moments, caught on video. Memories and magic. Make It Happen.

My professional work experience (20+ years in the fields of marketing, public relations, communications and special events) was a great set up for interviewing athletes, coaches and one of the judges at the 2017 AKC World Team Tryouts.  Check out the interviews that J & J Dog Supplies had me record!

Happy’s 1st “Match” in the agility ring, at 15 months old in June 2018. Taking a spin on the dance floor felt fantastic!

Finals at the Westminster Kennel Club Master’s Agility Championship, 2016 sponsored by Purina® Pro Plan®. Cruzer and I came into Finals in 2nd, and walked out the Winner! Finals were broadcast live on FoxSports TV with a live audience of hundreds of people. A true test of focusing and mental management. What a thrill!

2015 Westminster Kennel Club Master’s Agility Championship – Jumpers with Weaves course. My favorite run of all time, because of its life-changing results. To cement a spot in the Finals (our first big event with a “Final”), I had to focus on the goal I had set, i.e., “I am a 2015 Westminster Finalist,” I HAD to secure a placement with this run. I reminded myself that it was like me to run clean and consistent. Focus. Breathe. Trust. Repeat. The power of mental management prevailed.

This compilation video contains some of our runs (and no, they aren’t all winning or even qualifying runs). Teamwork and connection, and trust. It’s what I run for. My partner always gave 100%.

Achieving a spot in every Final round at Cynosports was honestly, a brazen dream come true. Some of my prepwork included journaling, visualizing and studying the judges previous designs. When I stepped into the ring, I was prepared to handle whatever was set. We made it to every final of the event:  Steeplechase, Grand Prix and Team. Outside the ring, I enjoyed time with friends, relaxing and Shepherd’s Pie.

Nothing can describe making Finals at a National Championship. While some seemed stressed, I reveled in turning around in the arena and seeing the crowds, who (I told myself) were all there to watch me and my dog. Just as I had seen them in my preparatory visualizatons. Cool. 

This is the familiarity and understanding that happens when you have worked with your partner for 9 years. Kazee and I didn’t start our journey together, and it took some time for me to be clear and consistent in my handling. The reward was 6 AKC MACHs, a USDAA Championship, and a NADAC Versatility Championship. From a dog that didn’t want to work with me, to her amazing achievements, became a journey of trust, understanding, and my steady application of techniques to make her successful, and us a team. Thank you, Miss Sassy!

And so, it begins with the next gen. Happy. That’s his name, that’s what he is. Three months old here, and “thinking” how to get the cookies from a stack of Tupperware. This is the kind of thinking that I want my dogs to do, so, I work to help him focus and figure out how to Make It Happen.