“Just wanted to send you a personal message and a HUGE thanks for all the encouragement you gave Luke and I on all of our runs this past weekend.  I find seminars to be challenges in themselves, but, the mental management aspect is an area I was lacking.  The athlete in Luke needs a leader with confidence and clear signals.  You helped me realize that I CAN be that leader for him.  I WILL BE THAT HANDLER that brings out the best in both of us. I don’t expect it to be easy, but, I’m now better prepared for the challenges. One of your statements helped me so much …. about not being perfect but showing progress, even if it’s in small increments. Your encouragement and attitude gave me the push to keep going.”
~L. Bridges, Mental Management Seminar participant

“Thanks so much for our lesson this morning. I really need a critical eye and honest feedback. Today was invaluable. I am going to work very, very hard on my connection with my dog. I couldn’t believe when she didn’t break with all that activity behind her. ”
~ R. Libby

“This was perfect for my needs, Diane. The initial exercises were insightful and the courses gave me the right amount of things to work on. Thank you so much for all your observations but especially the contact/consistency cues. I’ll be writing away today and looking forward to working with you again!”
~ P. Bader, “It’s All About the Criteria” Workshop participant

“Thanks again Diane for a great workshop. You shared some valuable insights and gave me things to work on. It was a very good group, which made for a pleasant evening!”
~J. Pier

“Diane was fabulous. I was physically and emotionally drained from the stresses at work over the past two weeks. Thank you for insisting that I not give into my fatigue. I feel energized and had a great time. I hope she can come back again.”
~D. Hamm, Mental Management Seminar participant