Agility Mindset classes:

Please contact me directly regarding opportunities to work with me at Collinswood K9 in Auburn, MA and at “Happy’s Homecourt” in Middletown, CT. Schedules change periodically, so something new is always happening!

Classes for all levels of skill, private lessons, workshops and run-thru events. Made to order to help you “Make It Happen!”

Individual and/or Small Group Lessons

Held by pre-arrangement, and includes:

  • Personalized agility training.
  • New clients receive a complimentary discussion to get to know one another (and your furkid), and discuss your background and expectations.
  • 1 hour lesson, minimum, to talk about issues, options, and work on skills, drills and courses for your needs and answer your questions.
  • “Homework” for your at-home training.

Online Courses

Whether it’s foundation, polishing skills you already have, or, learning new techniques, online learning can help your agility experience and grow the bond with your pet. Online learning includes:

  • A no-cost initial phone/video consult to begin our relationship.
  • Written instructions to work on, with demo videos as needed to support.
  • A private training page to upload your videos and comments.
  • Timely review that includes encouragement for all you did well (it’s key to know what worked so that you can repeat success!) and explanations on effective handling considerations.
  • Opportunity for you to ask questions, and get further feedback.
  • If necessary, I might ask you to re-try and re-tape sections so that you can feel confident with your learning.

Personalized Coaching – Phone and Video Support

Sometimes, you just need to talk things out, and your friends/training partners may not be the ones to call. Your personal conditioning, mental focus, and handling skills are critical to your success and I am available to assist you so you can bring your best self to the game. Coaching calls are a dialogue driven by your questions and structured to stay focused on ways to increase the probability for your success.  Contact me to discuss private phone/video coaching and support programs for short term (event specific) needs, or, for long term goals attainment.

Video Reviews

You put your best plan together for competitions, but sometimes, the video says differently. Send me a link (or links) to your runs (either competition or training)for an assessment on your cues, timing, and handling options to consider. The purpose of reviewing a run in this way is for you to gain understanding of your behavior and its impact on your dogs actions.

Seminars, Workshops and Presentations

Contact Diane directly for rates and availability. Check out upcoming events for info.


Once we work together, you are part of the Agility Mindset, and I hope that our relationship is long lasting and beneficial. My goal is to support you, whenever you need it. Clients get my contact info in order to reach me.