March 2018:  “Creating a School of Thought for Puppies” by Diane Patterson, featured in J & J Dog Supplies magazine.

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May 2017 AKC World Team Tryouts – Roving Reporter, Diane Patterson

Mirja Lapagna interview sponsored by 4Legged Flix

J & J Dog Supplies and 4Legged Flix offered me the chance to bring the AKC World Team Tryouts to life through the eyes of the athletes, judge, coach and volunteers via livestream and interviews. Segments were unscripted.

4Legged Flix sponsored Judge Mirja Lapagna’s view of agility, training, and being your best. Mirja’s interview.

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Carol Perkins interview at the AKC World Team Tryouts
High Fives for Agility Mindset client, Carol Perkins, on her first time at the AKC World Team Tryouts! She won a spot on the podium as a “High-Combined” athlete!